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 Allow 48 to 72 hours for me to schedule your reading.

RELATIONSHIP READINGS have a different cost).  The two at the bottom of the column are the Phone Readings. 


Wow Tara this has to be one of the best readings I've ever gotten. Thank you so much. I can relate to all of it, you hit the nail right on the head. I'm going to keep this in a safe place to remind me and help guide me through the next coming months. Thank you sooo much. love Margaret

Tara is the real deal. I'm a psychic-medium myself. Tara's Tarot readings are great. The best reading that I have ever had. Please check her out, you will not be sorry. Justin M.

 This wonderful read by Tara was very very accurate to me and my life.  The details she was able to bring forth were spot on and quite relevant to the present as well as up and coming with her own splash of insight.  How refreshing!  Thanks, Kathy

Tara your reading was spot on with everything right now and to think you knew nothing about me, just my birthday and it was that accurate simply amazing I can't wait for my next reading thanks again
Heather G.

O.K. First off W.O.W. I only have a minute before I go to work, but that reading is dead on.  It still has my mind reeling.   -Kim 

Tara, thank you so much for the reading.  I sure feel a lot more positive and more relaxed.  You are awesome!  Love you!
Claudia B.

Once I got my reading from you, I understood then!  Although I had not asked you any questions and had not told you things that were going on in my life, everything you read was correct, amazing and helpful.     -Amanda                    

Tara picked up on things that were right on in my life at the moment.  Her reading helped me greatly.  Beautiful lady with a beautiful gift.  -Linda

I'm blown away at how accurate everything is.  It is deeply appreciated more than words can express.      -Kristin 

This is a very personalized reading. I almost felt like you were in my living room with me, setting down, knowing my inner most strengths, concerns and you had all of the answers on what I should do, what path I should take. Your past two readings have been amazing. I love the reading so much. 

-Psychic Medium Justin

Thank you Tara for the tarot reading!!! You were on target I must say. I sure enjoyed the reading.



You are the best Tarot reader out there. As accurate as any psychic. The things that you read for me, have all came true. You gave me a road map for my present and future. Truly, something that I want to do again. -Justin Mullins

Thanks so much for the wonderful reading I got from you! It was so true! -

I have had a few readings and each time they  have been accurate.  Your awesome Tara!

Claudia B.

I'm blown away at how accurate everything you said is.  I will definitely refer you to others.  


You did my Tarot reading and it was awesome...  well worth it.

-Nora A.

The cards were very on the number.  I had a strong feeling about your gifts. I too am an empath and medium.   -Paul

 Re: Animal Totem Message: I "get" exactly what this message means. It is definitely validating. Divinely timed. Divinely precise.  -Rebecca

To send a payment using a credit card use Paypal.com   TarotbyTara@gmail.com

10 Card General Tarot -EMAIL- Reading $45 ("Does not" include relationship readings) I need more cards & more time to perform a relationship readings to give you the best service. (see below for more comprehensive readings)

20 Tarot Card Comprehensive -EMAIL- General Reading or Relationship Reading $60 This card gives you the “most” information & allows me to spend enough time with you to give you complete insights. To perform a Relationship Reading I MUST have the birthdate of BOTH parties via email before I can start the reading. Send to: Tarotbytara@gmail.com

3 Month Overview Reading --VIA EMAIL-- $75 (done via email)

PHONE Consultation-Tarot Reading 30 mins. $75 U.S. Only - I am Eastern Standard Time Zone, Email me your phone number TarotbyTara@gmail.com

Phone Consultation-Tarot Reading One Hour $125.00 I am Eastern Standard Time Zone, Email me your phone number TarotbyTara@gmail.com

1 Spirit Animal Totem $25
2 Spirit Animal Totem $35
3 Spirit Animal Totem $45
INCLUDE YOUR BIRTHDATE FOR ALL READINGS. Send info to: Tarotbytara@gmail.com 6 Month Reading $45
Find out the Birthdates of your Soul Mates and Your Fatal Attractions (I need your birthdate to calculate) $12.50
Love and Friendships (birthdates of those that are compatable for love and friendship) Send me YOUR Birthdate when ordering My email: Tarotbytara@gmail.com $12.50
Numerology Reading (based on the date of your birth) $20

I will type out your reading and send it via email usually within 24-48 hours.    


You must order a Phone reading, if you want your reading to be done via phone.

 Tarot will help you see father down the road and help eliminate life's little surprises.  Be better prepared and see if good fortune is waiting just around the corner!  

Me and my Spirit Guides are standing by to deliver Divine Message from Spirit directly to you!

-How Am I able to do a Reading without having you in front of me?

This is possible by working with my Spirit Guides.  I am able to connect to the Divine to give you messages from the Spirit World to help you learn about future events and some people find these messages very healing to their spirit.

I am located in Pittsburgh, PA

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